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No one can deny the existence of Astrological science because it has a wonderful history which asserts that it’s true.  Even Bible also elaborates that Biblical meaning of zodiac, which explains that religions also accepts that the science of Astrology exists and it do have affect on our life. Bible also states that there are 12 different zodiacs and the biblical meaning of zodiac is also explained in it. However, the sequence of zodiac signs differs in Biblical meaning of zodiac. It also gives a different name to zodiac Astrology but it does have the same meanings as that of Astrological science of the current age.

Biblical meaning of ZodiacThe Biblical meaning of zodiac explains that meanings of the zodiac as a path, the path of the movement of the sun. According to the Biblical meaning of zodiac, the movement of the planets might have a good or bad affect on the people. Biblical meaning of zodiac gives the sequence of stars as Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. The biblical meaning of zodiac explains that these signs have special qualities linked with them which express the overall personality of the person. It shows that the Virgo means that the alive son.

According to the Biblical meaning of zodiac, the second zodiac Libra means equilibrium in personality. Biblical meaning of zodiac of Scorpio is a scorpion just like western Astrology. A It further explains by telling that Bible considers that the Sagittarius means the archer and the archer is Jesus Christ. In Biblical meaning of zodiac, the Capricorn is represented by half part goat and half fish, this representation too have specific meanings. Moreover the Biblical meaning of zodiac represents Aquarius by water sign which is similar to that of current Astrology.

Biblical meaning of zodiac explains the meaning of Pisces as fish because fish is associated with Jesus, so it is considered sacred. Furthermore, Biblical meaning of zodiac for Aries is that it represents the power of the Jesus Christ. The Biblical meaning of zodiac Taurus represents it by a bull and it means leadership. For Gemini the Biblical meaning of zodiac tells that it is represented by twin picture and it means the king, the power. Biblical meaning of zodiac Cancer is represented by crab and it means guardian. And now for the last, the Biblical meaning of zodiac Leo is represented by a Lion and it means conqueror.

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