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It is very difficult to tell exactly when the zodiac Astrology started but it is confirm that the zodiac Astrology started before the Egyptians. It is also considered that the Chinese Astrology is ancient and it has ancient zodiac symbols associated with it. During excavation at several places people have found different ancient zodiac symbols but it is difficult to tell that which one is more ancient. However this is a common theory about the ancient zodiac symbols that they started very early when the human were in caves. It is considered so because the ancient symbols comprise of the images of the animals.

Ancient Zodiac SymbolsAccording to the Astrology, in early age people thought that the animals and stars are very sacred and they have the ability to affect their lives. This was the basic theory behind these ancient zodiac symbols which early human beings brought to the modern world with them. It is seen one thing common in ancient zodiac signs that their quantity was twelve in every age because people assigned a zodiac sign to each month. You would see a big range of different characteristics associated with these ancient zodiac symbols and most of these zodiacs contain the characteristics of those animals in them.

One interpretation of ancient zodiac symbols demonstrates that early people thought that each zodiac sign has a God or some heavy spirit associated with it, which controls it. The interpretation of ancient zodiac symbols states that early people too thought that the Gods associated with each zodiac sign has the ability to bless you and to ruin you. Moreover, the ancient zodiac symbols too have the colors and other things associated with them; they also tell you about your compatibility and incompatibility.

The Astrologists of the modern age believe that the interpretation of the ancient zodiac symbols was not much different than the currently used zodiac symbols and it is also considered that the current symbols are also inherited from those ancient zodiac symbols that is the reason the new zodiac symbols too contain the animal images to represent them. However according to the Astrology, the names used for current zodiac signs are different than that which were used for ancient zodiac symbols. Astrology asserts that the association of God with ancient zodiac symbols is also different from current Astrology because the current Astrology is totally based on science and the myths are not considered in current Astrology.

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