Zodiac meanings

Zodiac signs meanings

12 Zodiac Sign Meanings

Astrology assigns 12 different zodiac signs to people according to their date of birth and every zodiac sign has specific meanings associated with it. According to the astrology 12 zodiac sign meanings has been assigned to each zodiac sign which encompass the characteristics of that particular zodiac sign. Moreover, Astrology tells that each zodiac sign has a star associated with it which also has some attributes that affect the personality of human beings and it also help in giving 12 zodiac sign meanings. Astrology demonstrates the meanings of 12 zodiac sign by assigning it a star/planet, and other qualities. The 12 zodiac sign meanings are explained in the next passage.

12 Zodiac Sign MeaningsIn the 12 zodiac sign meanings, the first zodiac sign is Aries which is represented by a figure of a Ram. Its planet is Mars and its qualities include antagonism, passionate, impulsive and short tempered. In the 12 zodiac sign meanings, the next zodiac sign is Taurus which is symbolized by a bull figure and its planet is Venus. Its major properties are steadiness, charm, and rigidity. Astrological 12 zodiac sign meanings express the meanings of the Gemini by assigning it a twin picture and Mercury star. Its main aspects are suspiciousness, intelligence and flexibility.

The Cancer in 12 zodiac sign meanings is explained by its figure of a crab and planet is the Moon. The features of its personality are intensiveness, flexibility in nature and independence. The Leo in 12 zodiac sign meanings represented by the lion and star the Sun, the qualities of this zodiac sign are domination, consistency, passion and inflexibility. The next is Virgo in 12 zodiac sign meanings, its sign is a virgin and the star is the Mercury. Moreover, its personality includes intelligence, dubiousness, flexibility and talent. The Libra in 12 zodiac sign meanings show that, its sign is the scale, planet is the Venus and the major characteristics are love, charm, intelligence, sympathy and equilibrium. Scorpio in 12 zodiac sign meanings includes its figure of Scorpion and its planet is the Mars. Additionally, its qualities are intensiveness, tricky nature, affection and anger.

The next is Sagittarius in 12 zodiac sign meanings, it is explained by the figure of an archer and the star is the Jupiter. Its personality features are love, flexibility and motivation. The Capricorn in 12 zodiac sign meanings show that the Capricorn is represented by goat sign and it is ruled by planet the Saturn. Common attributes of the Sagittarius are domination, greed, and restrictive nature. Aquarius in 12 zodiac sign meanings elaborates that its sign is water and star is the Saturn, major personality traits are flexibility, intellect, acuteness and restricted nature. The Pisces from 12 zodiac sign meanings is represented by a fish and its planet is the Jupiter. The main attributes are intensiveness, love, secretive nature and flexibility.

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